Types of Tests

Learn about the types of tests by comparing them with each other.

In this lesson we will dive into the different types of tests that developers use. Let’s discuss them one by one:

  • Unit tests: check units in isolation. What is considered to be a unit can change in context.

  • Component tests: a test of Components of modern JavaScript frameworks.

  • Integration tests: check that multiple units behave as expected when used together.

  • UI Integration tests: check that the whole application works without a real back-end.

  • E2E tests: check the whole app, back-end and database included, works as expected

  • Visual Regression tests: check that the app look doesn’t change when not intended

Comparison of different tests

✅= Yes

❌= No

⚠️ =Somewhere between Yes and No

E2E UI Integration Visual Integration Component/Unit
check the entire app
give a good confidenceThis refers to the confidence that your application works because the tests pass. Confidence is limited for Unit tests and high for E2E tests ⚠️
have code coverage
have a good cost/speed ratio
are deterministic
are simple ⚠️ ⚠️
are short

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