Who This Course Is For

This is an intermediate/advanced JavaScript course. Best taken after building/maintaining a modern web application. (1 min. read)

We'll cover the following

Hi there! This is not a beginner course :-)

We’ll be covering functional programming (FP) patterns using the Ramda JavaScript library. The patterns and their underlying concepts are broken into sections with explanations, examples, and exercises.

Ramda Logo
Ramda Logo

About You

You’re an intermediate or advanced JavaScript developer, recognize FP hallmarks like map, filter, reduce, and perhaps use something like Lodash to make your life easier.

You’ve built JavaScript applications, professional or otherwise, and actively invest in your skills.


You’re interested in FP, so you enrolled in this course :D

If some/all of these apply to you, welcome aboard! If not, I recommend starting somewhere less nuanced. This course will provide little to no value if you aren’t yet comfortable with JS.

About Me

I am a Front-End Developer, passionate about learning and teaching through my blog. I talk about JavaScript, React, Redux, RxJS, Ramda, general FP, and a few other topics.

My hope’s to inspire you with ideas on implementing Ramda in your applications.

Off we go!