Get familiar with regression, understand how it’s different from classification, and how to use it for predicting the target.


Regression is a technique that creates a mapping function to approximate the relationship between a real number as a target label and its input features.

In other words, given a dataset D={(x1,y1),(x2,y2),...,(xn,yn)}D=\{(\bold{x_1},\bold{y_1}),(\bold{x_2},\bold{y_2}),...,(\bold{x_n},\bold{y_n})\}, where xi\bold{x_i} and yi\bold{y_i} represent input and target, respectively, a regression function will be:

y^i=f(xi)            i{\bold{\hat y_i}=f(\bold{x_i}) \;\;\;\;\;\; \forall i}

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