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In this course, you’ve worked with a number of tools and tricks to know your way through the Bash CLI. Everything that you’ve learned will lay strong foundations in your developer journey. However, this course barely scratches the surface of all the tools you’ll encounter as a developer. First, there are a ton of commands available, and this course hasn’t (and can’t) cover them all. The tools in this course have been selected based on research and interactions with students in classes. In addition, you’ve used only a handful of options for each tool. Moreover, a few tools that are fantastic haven’t been included because they aren’t a good fit for the course.

Even so, the course has given you a glimpse of the bigger picture. For instance, you’ll be working with different types of servers (file, email, web, and so on). This course has introduced you to the concepts so that you can better navigate through their configuration and troubleshooting. Hence, the next best step is to explore other tools and commands. Here are a few suggestions in this regard:

  • Because this course has only made use of the Linux-based Bash CLI, the explored commands are different from the BSD versions found on OpenBSD or FreeBSD, which you may want to learn about.
  • Try working with alternative shells like Windows or PowerShell command-line, particularly ones that are open-source. Different shells have different UI features that will teach you to adapt to new work environments, which is a much-needed skill in software development.
  • Explore tools like Vim, Emacs, and tmux because they’ll be greatly helpful in your work as a developer.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, practice. After all, it’s practice that makes one perfect! So, keep practicing the concepts you’ve learned in this course, and apply them in your projects.

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