Auditory Perception

Learn how humans perceive auditory stimuli.

Auditory perception is the ability to perceive and detect sounds in the surrounding environment using the auditory system. Ears detect sounds as vibrations through a medium. The medium can be air, water, glass, wood, etc.

Characteristics of sounds

Humans can differentiate between sounds on the basis of the following characteristics:

  • Pitch: The number of vibrations of sound waves per unit of time, also known as the frequency of the sound waves. Higher frequency means higher pitch, and lower frequency means lower pitch.
  • Loudness: The expansion and compression experienced by the vibrating particles of the medium, also known as the amplitude of the sound waves. Higher amplitude means louder sound and lower amplitude means quieter sound.
  • Timber: The tone quality or tone color that differentiates two sounds of the same frequency and amplitude.

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