Challenge: Recreate a Blog Engine Using Nuxt

Assess your learning by creating a blog engine using Nuxt.

We'll cover the following


Create a minimal blog engine using Nuxt. Your blog should have:

  • A home page with links to the posts. Open the usercode/myapp/pages/index.vue file and make edits accordingly.

  • Posts listing page, which fetches and lists the posts using the title and body properties. Also, the title of each post must link to the post itself. Open the usercode/myapp/pages/posts/index.vue file and write your code there.

  • A single post page that fetches the requested post by its id property and displays it. Open the usercode/myapp/pages/posts/_slug.vue file and make edits accordingly.

Note: After making the changes in the respected files, don't forget to click the “Run” button.

Expected output

The output of the task should look like the following:

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