What is not an MVP?

Read about some products that are not considered MVPs.

We'll cover the following

Invalid MVPs

  • A low-quality product

  • The first phase of a project

  • A product with limited functionality

  • A landing page or an email campaign

  • A wireframe, a mock-up, or a prototype

A marketing test like a landing page, a smoke test, an explanatory video, an advertising campaign, or marketing materials is not considered a valid MVP. These are powerful techniques to use during the problem-solution fit stage, but you do not validate the delivery of monetizable value or the business model.

For an MVP to be effective, it must demonstrate market traction. For example, crowdfunding campaigns, Wizard of Oz & concierge, live product, and A/B tests show market traction.

You can use wireframes, mockups, or interactive prototypes to test an MVP and to test other parts of the business model or additional features. Still, these tests will not allow you to validate traction. Therefore, you cannot consider them valid MVPs.

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