The contents of the following are resources, mainly texts (books and blog posts) and videos with technical material believed to be useful in furthering an understanding of functional programming. The programming languages prominent in some entries on this list might be offshoot PHP dialects or not PHP at all… However, the universality of the functional programming ideas in the said material makes it both intelligible and valuable.

Functional PHP

Written by Gilles Crettenand, creator of the Functional-PHP organization on GitHub responsible for the creation and maintenance of libraries mentioned in this volume, Functional PHP is an insightful book with a scope that exceeds that of this volume.

Composing Software

The brainchild of Eric Elliott, the Composing Software series is an elaborate functional programming sequence of blog posts. Despite emphasizing writing robust JavaScript programs in a functional programming style, the series offers a plethora of details about a variety of topics in programming. Mr. Elliott’s explanations of ideas related to functional programming or otherwise are readily understandable and, quite frankly, pleasurable to study.

Haskell documentation

The official Haskell documentation contains pertinent information about all things related to functional programming, as Haskell is, after all, a pure functional language. Haskell syntax can be quite intimidating at first, but can become more approachable upon careful internalization of type-signatures and other topics.

Cakes, Custard, and Category Theory

Many motifs in functional programming are rooted in category theory. If you intend to examine more esoteric ideas, Cakes, Custard and Category Theory is a good choice. The writer, Dr. Eugenia Cheng, intersperses applications of concepts like abstraction and generalization with food recipes.

Bartosz Milewski’s talks on category theory

Bartosz Milewski is one of the programming community’s foremost experts on functional programming. Though he’s not a PHP aficionado, Mr. Milewski, a C++ and Haskell devotee, gives plenty of talks, at various conferences, about category theory. If you’re experiencing difficulty parsing the textual material about the topic, you might enjoy the videos in which Mr. Milewski gives readily-parsable distillations for programmers of various language dispositions.

You can find a playlist with a selection of Mr. Milewski’s talks on YouTube.

Pro Functional PHP Programming

Another book entry in this list, Pro Functional PHP Programming, contains applications of functional programming in big data analysis in addition to the rudiments of the paradigm. This book, written by Rob Aley, features a comprehensive list of functional programming resources in its appendix, a list that includes videos, books, libraries, and blog posts.

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