REPL Environments For Functional Programming

Learn about some REPL environments in PHP for functional programming.


Experimentation is essential in programming, regardless of the programming environment. Read-Eval-Print Loops (REPLs) are a valid tool for testing ideas in programming because they’re user-facing interactive meta programs that parse text input and produce appropriate output.

PHP’s command-line strengths, though rarely emphasized, are helpful in this regard. Below is a list of REPLs that are capable of parsing expressions and evaluating them against the functional programming rules. Consider testing new ideas in the command line before applying them in production code.

The bingo-functional REPL

The bingo-functional REPL, built on top of ReactPHP, is a suite of asynchronous routines for PHP. The bingo-functional REPL makes available the artifacts present in its parent library to those who use it. This shell also provides simple documentation for the functions present in the bingo-functional package and some informative text on the operations it allows.

Try it yourself

Try executing the help command in the terminal below:

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