Challenge 2: Calculate the Student's Performance

In this exercise, you have to calculate a student's total marks using the concept of Classes.

Problem statement

Implement a class - Student - that has four properties and two methods. All these attributes (properties and methods) should be public. This problem can be broken down into three tasks.

Task 1

Implement a constructor to initialize the values of four properties: name, phy, chem, and bio.

Task 2

Implement a method – totalObtained – in the Student class that calculates total marks of a student.

Sample properties

name = Mark
phy  = 80
chem = 90 
bio  = 40

Sample method output


Task 3

Using the totalObtained method, implement another method, percentage, in the Student class that calculates the percentage of students marks. Assume that the total marks of each subject are 100. The combined marks of three subjects are 300.

The formula for calculating the percentage is given below.

Percentage=Percentage= MarksObtainedTotalMarks×100\frac{Marks\:Obtained}{Total \: Marks}\times100

Sample input

phy  = 80
chem = 90 
bio  = 40

Sample output


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