Learn how to set up a cypress test environment with Next.js.

Installing Cypress

To set up a Cypress test environment with Next.js, we first need to install the following packages: cypress, start-server-and-test, and shell-exec. Let’s take a closer look at each package and why we need them.

  • cypress: Cypress is quick and easy to install, even though it has a ton of functionality. Using Cypress doesn’t require us to install any other packages because it comes with everything included.

  • start-server-and-test: As the name already tells us, using this package, we can start a server, wait for a URL, and then run our test suite. When the tests end, we shut down the server.

  • shell-exec: This is a cross-platform package that allows us to spawn child processes to run external commands. We use this package to run commands that either reset or seed our database with data between our test runs. This package ensures that the commands work regardless of whether we use Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Installing with yarn

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