Creating a Camera GUI

Learn how we can use the QMultimedia module to create a camera application.

We'll cover the following

The camera GUI

Note: This project has been developed with PyQt5 since PyQt6 doesn't support the QMultimedia module, which is essential for this project.

There are several approaches to handling interfaces with numerous windows when developing GUIs. Although you could utilize tabbed or stacked widgets, only one window can be shown at once using these techniques. Utilizing dock widgets and enabling windows to be floatable or utilized as secondary windows is an additional choice. You will learn how to set up a multi-window GUI for this project using the QMdiArea class. The area for showing multiple-document interface (MDI) windows is provided by QMdiArea. An MDI is a type of interface that enables users to operate with numerous windows at once. MDI apps demand less memory and greatly simplify the sub-window layout procedure.

Firstly, we start by importing the required modules for the application.

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