Creating an RGB Slider GUI

Understand how we can create a fully functional slider with PyQt.

Creating the slider

This lesson will look at creating a personalized, helpful widget in PyQt. Even though PyQt provides a range of devices for creating GUIs, you might occasionally need to construct your own. One advantage of designing a customized widget is the ability to build a broad widget that can be used by many different apps or an application-specific device that enables you to tackle a particular problem.

We must import a large number of classes. The RGB value triplet is represented by an unsigned int created by the typedef qRgb. To alter the sliders' appearance, utilize the style sheet after the imports. We want to tweak how they look so that they provide the user with more input regarding the RGB values that are being altered. Using the setObjectName() method (line 94), an ID selector is assigned to each slider. The style is applied to all QSlider objects if there isn't an ID selection in the style sheet.

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