The QLineEdit Widget

Learn about the QLineEdit widget in detail.

The QLineEdit widget is the next widget we’ll look at. We must design spaces for our login GUI where users can enter their username and password in a single line. If you need to add those functionalities to your software, QLineEdit also supports standard text editing features like cut, copy, and paste, as well as redo or undo. To enhance the functionality of our GUI, the QLineEdit widget also offers several other features, such as the ability to hide text as it is typed, use placeholder text, or even establish a restriction on the maximum length of text that can be entered.

Using the QLineEdit widget

We start by importing all the necessary modules from QtWidgets and QtCore as well as sys. We also include the QLineEdit widget this time since it is a component of the QtWidgets package. Additionally, Qt is imported from the QtCore module. Qt consists of a variety of auxiliary GUI development techniques.

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