Creating a To-do List GUI

Create To-do List with PyQt while also creating checkboxes.

Creating the app

We all have daily responsibilities, and many of us need a way to organize our hectic lives better. In this project, we'll look at making a simple to-do list layout. Some to-do lists are classified according to the hours of the day, the significance of the goals, or other chores we need to complete for that day, week, etc. We require a method to either cross off or remove a job once a goal has been achieved.

This project will consist of a to-do list with daily appointments on the right pane and a list of items you must do on the left pane. The widgets QCheckBox and QLineEdit are the "Must Dos." The user will have a space to list their chores in the "Appointments" section, which will be divided into the morning, noon, and evening portions using the QTextEdit widgets.

In this exercise, the QGridLayout class will serve as the primary layout, and the main focus will be creating the GUI and organizing widgets. The "Appointments" layout in this project also has a nested QVBoxLayout.

Firstly, we import the modules which we need for the application.

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