User Interfaces and Graphical User Interfaces

What is a user interface?

User interfaces, which bridge us and our ever-increasing number of machines, have become an essential part of our daily life. A user interface (UI) is the gateway through which a person and a computer system communicate. To efficiently perform a task and obtain feedback that facilitates decision making, the user must be able to operate and control the machine; the UI is the space where users can interact and communicate with a computer system.

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What is a graphical user interface?

A computer software set of interactive visual elements is a graphical user interface (GUI). A GUI presents objects that convey information and represent actions and simultaneously allows the user to interact with these visual objects. Users can alter their color, size, or visibility when interacting with these items.

Five essential features for a marvelous GUI

  • Be pleasing to the eye.

  • Allow the user to try out different options quickly.

  • Be easy to use.

  • Use suitable colors.

  • Use words that are easy to understand.

Now that we know the basics of a GUI, let's get started!

What is PyQt?

The PyQt6 application is a set of Python 3 bindings for the Qt cross-platform widget toolkit and application framework.

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Why do we use PyQt?

The Qt Company is actively working on Qt, first used for creating graphical user interfaces and other applications. The framework is essential because it can run on a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or embedded systems. It is able to take advantage of the features and performance of the platform on which it is being used with little to no modification to the underlying code. . Second, this implies that PyQt combines Python, the robust and user-friendly cross-platform interpreted language, with all the benefits of the Qt C++ cross-platform widget toolkit.

A recent edition, PyQt6, has been released and is what we will use throughout the course.