Creating a Menu Bar and Adding Actions

Understand how we create a menu bar for our GUI applications.

Menu bars for our applications

These are the steps we use while creating menus with PyQt:

  • Creating the main window with the QMainWindow class.

  • Making QMenubar and QMenu objects.

  • Using the QAction category to add actions to menus.

  • Configuring QStatusBar to display information about activities in the status bar.

  • Creating detachable widgets with QDockWidget to hold an application's tools.

  • Understanding how to make checkable menu items and submenus.

Additional ideas and tools discussed include:

  • Using QIcon to set and modify icons on widgets and in the main window.

  • New sorts of dialogs, such as the "About" dialog box in QMessageBox and the QInputDialog, QColorDialog, and QFontDialog.

  • Using the QPixmap and QTransform classes to manage and modify images.

  • QPrinter and QPainter image printing techniques.

Creating the menu

You may access the file menu from the menu bar at the top of the window. It would help if you constructed an instance of the QMenuBar class, which we developed, to create a menu bar.

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