Creating a Survey GUI

Create a survey GUI with PyQt and align our application.

Creating the survey

It can be beneficial for businesses or researchers to create a survey to gather user information. In the following project, we'll look at utilizing the QBoxLayout class to make a straightforward window that asks the user a question and lets them choose an answer. We know how effectively the Python programming language automates routine activities. We had to gather information from roughly a thousand participants to study marketing trends about how people spend money at sporting events. We decided to build a program to query the user and then save their responses in a Python list as part of my research.

The title, question, and rating labels for each checkbox are shown using QLabel widgets in the survey GUI. The text next to each label for the boxes in the window might have been kept blank, but the numbers are still there to serve as a visual indication for the user. Using a QPushButton, the user can close the window after making a choice.

First, we import the required modules from QtWidgets, QtGui, and QtCore.

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