Configuration and Documentation

Let's take a look at the configuration and documentation folders in the repository.


The configuration folder should have subfolders by platform or operating system to scale, and should hold more than just one type of configuration file. The configuration folder holds dynamically generated output that is the result of the documentation.yml playbook. Think of these files as intent-driven sources of truth, and the result of the data models and templates being compiled. Using a folder to hold these files means having an offline version of the configurations that can be referenced. It also means having automated documentation that is updated after every change. It is another way to validate the syntax of the commands before pushing commands to a device.

 ---- ios
       ---- ACCESS01.cfg
       ---- ACCESS02.cfg
       ---- ACCESS03.cfg
       ---- DIST01.cfg
       ---- DIST02.cfg
       ---- CORE.cfg
 ---- nxos

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