Processes and NDLC

Let's take a look at the new organizational processes that need to be followed for the new NDLC.

We'll cover the following

The new NDLC

New organizational processes need to be adopted and formalized before the beginning, even if only in the information-gathering phase. This ensures new processes have time to take hold, and the team is ready to follow the new NDLC.

This new NDLC includes:

  • Creation of a centralized repository

  • Creation of a master branch

  • Using working branches, such as feature requests or bug fixes, for all changes

  • Committing code often using Git

  • Using pull requests to merge tested code into the master branch

  • Establishing the associated approval workflow

Iron out the details of this process before starting to build the solution. To make the change gradual and the transition smooth, have new automation meetings. Discuss possible quick wins or any immediate needs that can be met using the newly available capabilities.

Focus on how information gathering and network reconnaissance playbooks will be of immediate value to network operations. Get the operations team excited and involved in running and requesting playbooks. Build a library of reconnaissance tools gradually moving towards automating changes.

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