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Automation can lead to numerous benefits, but also comes with some risk. Thankfully, we can mitigate most serious risks by adopting a CI/CD NDLC, slowly progressing and evolving with network reconnaissance, making incremental changes to the network, and embracing full configuration management.

The organization will notice an immediate impact in a variety of ways, as its network administration moves towards an automated CI/CD NDLC pipeline. The biggest advantages are agility in problem detection, speed in developing solutions, and the removal of network bottlenecks. The benefit of these advantages is too great to be fully quantified.

While there will always be risks involved in operating a network enterprise, automating these solutions adds no more inherent risk than manual input. In fact, it makes the system more precise through the elimination of manual errors.

The dawn of a new age in modern network administration and management has arrived in the form of network automation. Soon, there will be no other way to design or operate an enterprise network. Enterprises that have embraced and maximized the potential of network automation using an NDLC have a clear competitive advantage.

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