Data Models: Host Variables

Let's learn about some of the host variables used in the code configurations.

We'll cover the following

Host variables

Information that is unique to a specific device should be modeled in the host variable for that device. Follow the same standards, if possible, as group_vars. Have a host_defaults section along with all the other applicable data dictionaries such as host_vrfs, host_vlans, host_interfaces, and host_port_channels. Looking at the data model for one of the distribution layer switches, DIST01, a partial configuration is started for DIST01 from the coverage provided by the [CAMPUS-DISTRIBUTION] group_vars data model. Now, complete the unique configurations specific to DIST01 using host_vars.

The intent is to uniquely identify the device on the network, configure the following features and options according to corporate standards, and act as a functional building distribution switch in a specific location on the campus. All multicast, vrfs, vrf list, OSPF routing, VLANs, SVIs, STP root, port-channels, and the physical interfaces on the device must be coded in the data model.


Let’s take a look at the host variable DIST01.YML file:

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