Contact’s Addresses

In this lesson, we will cover adding email and home addresses in detail.

Add email address

In this lesson, we will work on adding an email address and physical home address for the contact.

We’ll add two methods to achieve this:

  • emailListTile(): builds widget for the email address
  • addressListTile(): builds widget for the contact’s physical address.

Create a method for emailListTile() similar to the call list tile in the previous lesson. This widget would use the ListTile widget as well.

  • The leading property is used to display the icon.

  • The title property is used to display the email address.

  • The subtitle property is used to show the type of email address like “work”.

Widget emailListTile() {
 return ListTile(
   leading: Icon(,
   title: Text(""),
   subtitle: Text("work"),

Add divider

Add a divider line using the Divider widget below the email address ListTile.

 color: Colors.grey,

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