Android Studio and Emulator

Learn about the IDE used for Flutter development and how to install it.

We'll cover the following

Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for building Android apps. It’s built on top of the IntelliJ IDEA offered by JetBrains. You’ll use Android Studio and Flutter in this course to build your Flutter app. Visual Studio Code can also be used; that’s perfectly fine as well.


Please follow Android Studio’s official guide to download and install it to your system.


The Android Emulator emulates Android devices on a computer, allowing you to test your app on a number of devices without having to own each one and test Android API (Android version) levels.

Here in this course, there’s an Android Emulator embedded to show a demo along with the course. There’s a template project below to showcase how it will look. Click “Run” to start the emulator:

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