Cloud Firestore

Learn how to work with Cloud Firestore and learn about other important queries, which we'll use later in our app.

The official Firebase documentation describes Cloud Firestore as a scalable and adaptable NoSQL cloud database for data storage and synchronization. It uses real-time listeners to keep our data synchronized among client apps and provides offline support so we can create responsive apps that run independently of network latency or internet availability.

Configuring Firebase

Let’s see how it works. We’ve already installed Firebase products like Core and Firestore into our project.

By doing this, we’ve installed the Firebase SDK, which will automatically sync with the various Firebase products inside our Firebase app. (Remember our Firebase project and google-services.json.)

Cloud Firestore is a product in Firebase that is essentially a document-based database.

Enabling Firestore

To enable Firestore in our Firebase Android app, go to the Firebase console, select our app, and choose “Firestore Database.”

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