Publishing Our App

Learn to publish our first app to Google's Play Store.

App on the Play Console

A developer has to first create their account on the Play Console in order to publish an app in the Play Store.

Once we create our account on the Play Console, we can add our app by clicking the “Create app” button in the top-right corner. We’ll be asked to fill out basic app-related details and ensure that we check on the Play App Signing declaration.

Set up our app

Before testing our app, we have to set up the app in the “Dashboard” visible on the left menu. Click View tasks in Set up our app and complete all the steps.


Once the app is created, we have the option to publish our app to the Play Store, but it is recommended to first test our app in a Closed testing environment. In the left panel, we will find Closed testing under the Testing tab. After choosing Closed testing, we will see an alpha track already present there; click manage track.

We will see that our alpha track is not active yet. Make it active by following the steps mentioned, like choosing a country and selecting testers. Once we do that, we’ll see a screen like the one below:

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