Say Hello to Spring WebFlux

Get introduced to Spring Webflux and learn how it's different from Spring MVC.

We'll cover the following

Web applications dominate the landscape. When it comes to building web applications, the most popular toolkit has been Spring MVC.

That is, until Spring Framework 5.0.

With new startups embracing potentially millions of users, it has become imperative to scale the web layer. When our needs grow huge, using Spring WebFlux to reactively serve web requests is the way to go.

Note: S Spring Framework is the core toolkit underlying Spring Boot. It has become arguably the most popular toolkit in the Java community. Spring Framework 5.0 has embraced Reactive Streams through Project Reactor, and much of what this course covers involves Spring Boot’s strong synergy with the Spring Framework.

While Spring Framework 5.0 introduced reactive-based programming, this course—which is based on Spring Boot 2.7—uses Spring Framework 5.3.

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