What to Expect

Get introduced to the content and target audience of the course.

About this course

In this course, we’ll learn how to build easily-scalable applications using Spring Boot. We’ll learn its basic concepts throughout the course as we create an e-commerce website. We’ll add data accessors and developer tools that we’ll learn to test in Spring Boot. After that, we’ll learn how to send messages using different APIs and RSocket in Spring Boot.

Some of the prerequisites that are needed for this course are:

  • Working knowledge of MongoDB
  • Knowledge about APIs
  • Basic Java skills
  • Socket programming

The target audience for this course are developers who are eager to build back-end applications with Java and Spring Boot.

It’s mainly targeted at people who already have a bit of experience working with Java, although proficiency in similar languages like C# is sufficient as well.

This course isn’t recommended for complete beginners, because this course doesn’t cover the basics of Java and MongoDB. The learner should already have a bit of experience working with Java.