Review the concepts covered in this chapter.

We explored RabbitMQ in this chapter. We used Testcontainers to get started with a messaging solution without spending hours or days standing up a broker. Picking a cloud solution like VMware’s Tanzu Application Service and going to production could be just as simple.

But this chapter aimed to introduce the more general concept of asynchronous message solutions. RabbitMQ isn’t the only option. We can use JMS or something like ActiveMQ or Kafka.

The concepts are the same:

  • Wrapping blocking APIs.
  • Publishing one message.
  • Consuming it with one or more consumers.
  • Using Spring portfolio’s various template approaches (RabbitTemplate, RabbitMessageTemplate, AmqpTemplate, JmsTemplate, KafkaTemplate).

Our knowledge of using Spring AMQP isn’t hard to carry over to what may be the most proper messaging solution we pick on our next project.

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