Creating the Kanban Board Project

Learn how to create our project in Blazor WebAssembly using the Blazor WebAssembly project template.

The KanbanBoard project will be created by using the Empty Blazor WebAssembly App project template. First, we will add the TaskItem class. Then, we will add a Dropzone component. We will add three of the Dropzone components to the “Home” page to create the Kanban board. Finally, we will add the ability to add new tasks to the Kanban board.

Getting started with the project

We need to create a new Blazor WebAssembly app. We do this as follows:

  1. Open Visual Studio.

  2. Click the “Create a new project” button.

  3. In the “Search for templates (Alt + S)” textbox, enter “Blazor” and hit the “Enter” key.

    The following screenshot shows the Empty Blazor WebAssembly App project template that we created in the “Building Your First Blazor WebAssembly Application” chapter:

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