Summary of Using the EditFrom Component

Let's summarize the concepts we learnt in the “Building an Expense Tracker Using the EditForm Component” chapter.

We'll cover the following

Wrap up!

We should now be able to use the EditForm component in conjunction with the built-in input components to input data. We should also be comfortable with the built-in validation components.

In this chapter, we introduced the built-in EditForm component, various input components, and validation components. After that, we used the Blazor WebAssembly App project template to create a multi-project solution. We added a couple of classes and API controllers. Next, we configured SQL Server by updating the connection string to the database and using Entity Framework migrations. We updated the “Home” page to display the list of expenses. Finally, we added a new page that includes an EditForm component and many of the built-in input components in order to input, validate, and submit the expenses.

We can apply our new skills to add data input, validation, and submission to any Blazor WebAssembly app.

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