Architectures and Technologies that Support Deno

Learn about the architecture of Deno and the underlying technologies that support it.

Architecture-wise, Deno considered various topics, such as security. Deno put much thought into establishing a clean and performant way of communicating with the underlying OS without leaking details to the JavaScript side. To enable that, Deno uses message passing to communicate from inside the V8 to the Deno backend. The backend is the component written in Rust that interacts with the event loop and, therefore, with the OS.

Deno has been made possible by four pieces of technology:

  • V8
  • TypeScript
  • Tokio (event loop)
  • Rust

The connection of all four parts makes it possible to provide developers with a great experience and development speed while keeping the code safe and sandboxed. Let’s briefly go over these technologies.

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