Part 1: Building a Web Server Using the HTTP Module

Learn to create a simple JSON API to as an introduction to the HTTP module.

The main focus of this course, together with presenting Deno and how it can be used, is to learn how to use it to build web applications. Here, we’ll create a simple JSON API to get familiar with the HTTP module.

We’ll build an API that will save and list notes. We will call these notes post-its. Imagine that this API will feed the post-its board.

Routing system using web APIs

We’ll create a very simple routing system with the help of Web APIs and the functions from the Deno standard library’s HTTP module. Keep in mind we’re doing this to explore the APIs themselves, and therefore, this is not production-ready code.

Let’s start by creating a folder named post-it-api and a file named index.ts inside. One more time, we’ll use TypeScript because we believe the autocomplete and type-checking capabilities greatly improve our experience and reduce the number of possible errors.

Creating a basic HTTP server

  1. Start by importing the standard library HTTP module into our file:

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