Introduction to Writing Tests

An overview of what tests are and how we'll be applying them to our quizzes.

If you’re like us, you may have had a persistent question as we worked on the data design and functional core.

Where are the tests?

Here’s the truth. We don’t write code the way it’s presented in this course. In real life we make more mistakes, switch between data, functions, and tests often, and have debates and spikes on feature branches.

Therefore, we almost always create a test baseline as we go.

Why tests matter

Test designs impact product designs and testing, which has a tremendous impact on everything a development organization does. Rather than distributing bits of knowledge throughout this course, we decided to consolidate all of the testing philosophy and discussion into two different chapters, one for the core layers and one for the boundary layers.

Where tests come in

Tests are the T for things in “do fun things with big, loud worker-bees.” We can see how they fit into the big picture as shown in the figure below:

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