A Worked Example

Apply what we learned about libgraph to create an example book graph.


It's time to explore some graph structures with the libgraph package.

We’ll work first with the book graph, an example graph that has been created in the libgraph format, and then see how to model our basic book graph building block using the libgraph library package. We’ll also build a simple graph generator to demonstrate using synthetic data.

So let’s start by exploring a real example graph that is modeled using libgraph.

Book graph

It’s time now to get in some practice with an extended workout where we use a real graph and see what we can discover about it using the libgraph package. This will give us a sense of the completeness of libgraph as a graph library.

As an initially worked example, we’ll add the book graph to our library examples. This example will be helpful because of its small size and because we can get a simple visualization of the complete graph.

Book module

We start off by creating a module for the book example:

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