Render with OmniGraffle

Learn how to render graphs using OmniGraffle on Mac.

Getting started with OmniGraffle

A number of drawing tools can import DOT format files. OmniGraffle for the Mac is one such package and allows for greater control over the presentation form.

In fact, OmniGraffle can open DOT files directly, which will bring up a Dot Import pop-up menu with some layout options—Hierarchical, Force-Directed, Circular, and Radial. Choose one, and afterward visit the “Canvas” sidebar and scoot down to the “Diagram Layout and Style” panel. There we can uncheck the “Auto layout” button to allow the graph shape to be rearranged. We can also change the “Layout” option we selected on opening the file.

Arpanet module

For a more interesting graph to render, let’s anticipate an actual network graph we’ll query later with Cypher. We’ll add a libgraph version of this as one of our example graphs.

First, we create a module for Arpanet examples:

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