Deployment Manager

Introduction to the deployment manager

We have seen all of the IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS services provided by cloud computing. The next thing which comes is automating the creation of these services. Cloud Deployment Manager provides the feature of creating resources using code. Let’s explore it.


Google Cloud Deployment Manager allows you to specify all the resources needed for your application in a declarative format using YAML.

You can also use Python or Jinja2 templates to parameterize the configuration and allow the reuse of common deployment paradigms such as a load-balanced, auto-scaled instance group.

Treat your configuration as a code and perform repeatable deployments.

Deployment Manager API

To use deployment manager open the main menu> tools> Deployment manager>deployments.

If you haven’t enabled the Deployment manager API then it will ask you to enable the API. The dashboard will be empty as of now since we haven’t created any deployments.

The deployment also makes sure that at any given point, resources and their states should be stable all of the time. So, if you have created a virtual machine using the deployment manager then the virtual machine cannot be deleted without deleting the deployment or modifying it.

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