How to Select a Compute Service?

Selecting appropriate compute choices for a given workload

In the last lesson, we learned how to configure SDK CLI and how to use different commands to interact with the GCP environment using cloud SDK.

This lesson is all about how to choose the right Compute service of the GCP for our use case or for any given workload. The current Compute services are:

  • Compute Engine
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • App Engine
  • Cloud Run
  • Cloud Functions
  • VMware Engine

VMware Engine is out of the scope for this exam.

Reviewing compute options

Compute, Storage and Networking are 3 core pillars of Cloud computing.

So, for Compute, we have different options. How would you know that you picked the right one for the given scenario? Well, the compute service offerings are dedicated to solving a set of user’s problems. So, identifying the key problem and matching it with the characteristics of the Compute service will do the work.

So, let’s explore the different options provided.

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