I would like to thank everybody who discussed microservices with me, who inquired about them, or worked with me on this course. Unfortunately, these folks are far too numerous to name individually. The exchange of ideas is enormously helpful and also fun!

Many of the ideas and their implementation would not have been possible without my colleagues at INNOQ. I would especially like to thank Alexander Heusingfeld, Christian Stettler, Christine Koppelt, Daniel Westheide, Gerald Preissler, Hanna Prinz, Jörg Müller, Lucas Dohmen, Marc Giersch, Michael Simons, Michael Vitz, Philipp Neugebauer, Simon Kölsch, Sophie Kuna, Stefan Lauer, and Tammo van Lessen.

Also, Merten Driemeyer and Olcay Tümce provided important feedback.

Finally, I would like to thank my friends and family, whom I may have neglected while writing this course – especially my wife. She also did the translation into English.

Of course, my thanks goes out to the people who developed the technologies which I introduce in this course and thereby created the foundation for microservices.

I would also like to thank the developers of the tools of and Leanpub.

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