In this lesson, we'll get a walkthrough of what this chapter holds for us.

We'll cover the following

Migration from a deployment monolith to a microservices architecture is the common case for introducing microservices. Most projects start with a deployment monolith that the team wants to split into microservices later because the deployment monolith has too many disadvantages.

Of course, it is also possible to implement a new system directly with microservices from scratch.

Chapter walkthrough #

This chapter provides an overview of the challenges involved in migrating to a microservices system.

  • The chapter discusses possible reasons for migration. In this way, readers can assess whether a migration makes sense in their context. The approach to migration depends on your objectives. Therefore, knowing possible reasons is helpful for choosing a migration strategy.

  • The chapter then shows a typical strategy for migration, with some alternatives. In this way, readers can choose a migration approach suitable for their scenario.

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