Spring Boot for Microservices: New Microservices & Resilience

In this lesson, we'll be talking about microservice resilience and the creation of new microservices with Spring.

We'll cover the following

New microservices #

Creating a new microservice is very easy with Spring Boot. A build script and a main class are enough, as shown in the example simplest-spring-boot.

To further simplify the creation of a new microservice, a template can be created. The template only needs to be adapted for a new microservice.

Settings for the configuration of the microservices or for logging can be defined in the template.

Thus, a template simplifies the creation of new microservices and facilitates compliance with macro architecture rules.

A particularly easy way to create a new Spring Boot project is to use http://start.spring.io/.

The developer must select the build tool, the programming language, and a Spring Boot version.

In addition, they can select different starters. Based on this, the website then creates a project that can be the basis for the implementation of a microservice.

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