More on Advantages

In this lesson, we'll continue our discussion of the advantages of microservices.

Robustness #

Microservice systems are more robust.

When a memory leak exists in a microservice, only this microservice is affected and crashes. The other microservices keep running. Of course, they have to compensate for the failure of the crashed microservice; this is called resilience.

To achieve resilience, microservices can cache values and use them in case of a problem. Alternatively, there might be a fallback to a simplified algorithm.

Without resilience, the availability of a microservice system might be a problem. It is likely that a microservice will fail for any reason.

  • For example, due to the distribution into several processes, many more servers are involved in the system. Each of these servers can potentially fail.
  • Communication between microservices occurs via the network, which can also fail. Therefore, microservices need to implement resilience to achieve robustness.

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