Chapter Conclusion

In this lesson, we'll formally conclude this chapter with some notes regarding decisions at the micro and macro architectural level.

Micro architectural decisions #

If decisions can actually be different for each microservice, then they are part of the micro architecture.

Decisions at the micro architecture level are better suited to the self-organization of teams and use the technical freedom offered by microservices.

Even if decisions are part of the micro architecture, a team can still standardize because using technologies with which other teams already had positive experiences decreases the risk and allows for synergy.

Macro architectural decisions #

The macro architecture, on the other hand, contains those parts of the architecture that apply uniformly to all microservices.

The division into these two levels gives the individual microservices freedom, while simultaneously ensuring the integrity of the overall system.

In all cases, decisions must be made explicitly. The teams must consciously deal with the macro architecture and the freedoms in micro architecture. Micro and macro architecture form a trade-off which is different in each project.

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