Calling a Constructor from a Constructor

In this lesson, we look at how one constructor can call another constructor and why you would want to do so.

We'll cover the following

The class Name

As we know, a class can define several constructors. Such constructors have different parameters but perform similar initializations of the class’s data fields. For example, the class Name has two constructors and begins as follows:

public class Name
   private String first; // First name
   private String last; // Last name

   public Name()
      first = ""; // Empty string
      last = "";
   } // End default constructor

   public Name(String firstName, String lastName)
      first = firstName;
      last = lastName;
   } // End constructor

Although these two constructors perform simple and brief initializations, the actions are in fact repetitive. When several constructors or methods perform the same task, debugging or modifying the code becomes more difficult.

We have two ways to avoid this duplication of effort, one familiar and one new.

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