Debugging a Program in Development

In this lesson, we will develop a program to display a calendar and add statements to trace the program's execution to help us find a coding error.

The calendar problem

Imagine a Java program that displays a complete calendar for any given year. We already saw how to find the day of the week for any given date and how to detect when a year is a leap year. In the previous lesson, we learned how to use a switch statement to get the number of days in a given month. Using these basic ideas, we could begin the definition of a class of calendars.

A first-draft solution

The program given below shows such a class still in development. The plan is to focus on computing the number of days in a month by writing and testing the private method getDaysInMonth. The class has temporary implementations, or stubs, for other methods in the class. A short main method in the class Driver tests the class for two different years, one of which is a leap year. Click the RUN button to see what happens.

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