Final Thoughts

Let's talk about where to go from here.

We'll cover the following

Congratulations! You have made it to the very end. Throughout this course, you have learned a lot about D3. It is an extremely powerful library for drawing data visualizations. You can do a lot with D3 since it is unbiased towards any particular chart or graph.

Other resources

On the official site for D3, there is a link in the menu for an extensive list of examples. The examples go over other features of D3.


That site is called Observable. Observable is a company founded by the creator of D3. The creator of D3 wanted a place for other developers to share their knowledge of data visualization. Not only will you find examples of features in D3, but you will find notebooks of other visualizations with real-life data. It is going to be your primary source of visualizations with D3.

What is even better is that all code is open source. You can take snippets from the community to build your visualizations. The data visualization community is pretty big, so you will find plenty of resources and information.

Another great site is called Kaggle.

Kaggle is another site for finding real-world data such as financial, health, and weather data. It is a great resource for quickly finding data that you can use to practice drawing visualizations.

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