Learn to create and call methods in .NET apps.

Create methods

A variable is a named area of memory that holds a value of some type. The methods are similar, but instead of holding a value, methods are named blocks of instructions.

The basic syntax for creating a method is as follows:

[modifiers] return_type method_name([parameters])
	// Method body

Note: Modifiers (not covered in this lesson) and parameters are optional.

We’ve already addressed methods. Apart from the WriteLine() method of the Console class we’ve been using to print to the console, we’ve created one method that’s mandatory in all .NET programs:

static void Main(string[] args)

The static keyword is a modifier, void is the return type, Main is the name of the method, and args is a parameter of type, string[] (an array of string objects).

Inside the curly braces, we write the body of the method. The method’s body is what action the method performs.

Let’s create two methods that produce a greeting in English and Spanish.

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