Introducing wasm-pack

Learn what wasm-pack is and why we should use it in WebAssembly.

To be compatible with JavaScript, Rust-based WebAssembly applications should be completely interoperable with the JavaScript world. Without that, it will be difficult for developers to bootstrap their WebAssembly projects in JavaScript.

The node modules completely changed the perspective of the JavaScript world. They make it easier to develop and share the modules between browser and node environments. Developers around the world can use these libraries wherever and whenever they want.

The wasm-pack tool seeks to be a one-stop shop for building and working with Rust-generated WebAssembly that you would like to interoperate with JavaScript, either in the browser or with Node.js. - wasm-pack website.

Why do you need wasm-pack?

wasm-pack makes it easy to build and pack Rust- and WebAssembly-based projects. Once packed, the module is ready to be shared with the world via the npm registry—just like millions (or even billions) of JavaScript libraries out there.

How to use wasm-pack

Note: If you want to install wasm-pack on your local system, see the Appendix.

  1. We will first generate a new project with Cargo. To generate the project, use the following command:

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