Understanding a Few Other Tools Provided by WABT

Explore different options provided by WABT.

In addition to the converters, WABT also provides a few tools that help us to understand WASM better. In this section, let’s explore the following tools provided by WABT:

  • wasm-objdump

  • wasm-strip

  • wasm-validate

  • wasm-interp


Object code is nothing more than a sequence of instructions or statements in the computer language. Object code is what the compiler produces. The object code is then collected together and stored inside the object file. The object file is the metadata holder for linking and debugging information. The machine code in the object file is not directly executable, but it provides valuable information when debugging, and it also helps with linking.

Note: objdump is the tool that is available in POSIX systems that provides a way to disassemble the binary format and print the assembly format of the code that’s running.

The wasm-objdump tool provides the following options:

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