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About this course

This course equips you with the knowledge required to harness the power of Rust and WebAssembly for web development. Throughout this course, we’ll learn how to convert native code into WebAssembly and optimize it for even better performance. Apart from exploring how the entire WebAssembly runs on the JavaScript engine, we’ll learn about the various tools available.

Intended audience

This course is for JavaScript developers who want to deliver better performance and ship type-safe code. Rust developers or back-end engineers looking to build full-stack applications without worrying too much about JavaScript programming will also find the course useful.

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A basic understanding of JavaScript is required to follow along with this course. Rust knowledge is preferred but not mandatory. The code samples are simple and easy for any developer to follow.

Course structure

The course is structured to provide the fundamental knowledge required to build a website using WebAssembly and Rust. It starts with an introduction to the basics and then explores more options to build fast and optimized deliverables.

Course strengths

The following benefits for learners in this course enhance the overall strength of the course, making it an appealing choice for those who wish to improve their skills in WebAssembly:



Comprehensive coverage

This course covers a wide range of topics related to WebAssembly, from understanding LLVM and Emscripten to integrating Rust, optimization, and more.


Each section has quiz to test your knowledge and learning experience to make you more confident when you advance in this course.

Hands-on practice

This course has 80+ built-in playground to provide you hands-on experience.

Let’s begin making the web even more awesome and faster with WebAssembly by delving deep into the intricate world of WebAssembly and Rust.